Snozberry Band


Hailing from Memphis, TN. Snozberry consists of:

  • Justin Short (vocals),
  • Jamie Hutto (bass/vocals),
  • Tim Palmer (sound & lightning engineer)
  • Gary Nichols (lead guitar/vocals)
  • Kevin Nix (drums)

With 5 years now together as a band, we have the experience and the name reputation that earns us regular shows at the premier venues for a local band. This is also one of the things that set us apart from other cover bands: we understand what our job is and we do it well. We know what people expect out of a cover band: people pay their money to hear songs that they know and love. Our play list consists of diverse music with the common trait that they are great to dance to, popular, and fun. Our musical influences range from Prince to Rage against the Machine so we can play it all.

With charismatic and crazy frontman Justin Short leading the party, we pride ourselves on not just playing some of the same old tunes that every cover band plays- we put on a show.


Snoozberry Band

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